This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with Shannon Siriano Greenwood, entrepreneur and founder of Rebelle Con – a community and boutique conference that aims to inspire and encourage women across the globe. Shannon and I talk about mourning change in times of transition, deciding to commit to a new vision and the beauty of working with a team who truly understands you (faults and all). 



Tiny Transformation: I can’t do this.


Our brains do everything they can to convince us we can’t do things. Those thoughts of “I can’t do this” are very rarely based on reality. Case in point, have you ever thought “I can’t do this” in regard to something you’ve never even tried? Yea, we all have! This week’s tiny transformation is all about challenging those limiting thoughts we place on ourselves when it comes to doing new things.

Take a few minutes to engage with that part of your brain that’s convincing you that you can’t do the thing(s). 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What results am I wanting? 
  • What has kept me from getting these results?
  • What do I think is actually hard about what I’m trying to do?

Action steps: 

  1. List out the thoughts you have about this thing.
  2. Convert your negative thought about the thing into a neutral thought. [Example of a neutral thought: I know (name of a person who has done this thing) and I probably can too.]
  3. Decide to be committed.
  4. Set up external accountability.




What We’re Talking About: 


  • It’s ok to mourn change and transition in business (hello, global pandemic!)
  • Deciding to move on and commit to a new vision
  • Using “planning” mode as a form of procrastination to not do the things
  • Utilizing a digital platform for a service that is usually an in-person offering
  • Fear of change and potential success 
  • Phoning a friend when the mind drama is overwhelming
  • The beauty of working with a team that understands you


Questions for Shannon Siriano Greenwood:


What was the last book you read?

Mr. Nobody


What’s your go-to work from home lunch?

A turkey sandwich & Doritos


What is one thing you’re not very good at?



What is your ideal vacation?

Anywhere by myself or California





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What To Do Next: 


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