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To-do List Audit → Leverage

In a nutshell, we're a high-powered virtual assistant team for successful entrepreneurs who need to free up some BrainSpace to hit their next goal.


All of our work starts with the To-do List Audit.


To-do List Audit

  • We'll start with you brain dumping everything on your plate. EVERYTHING. Everything you need to do for your business, everything you've committed to in your personal life. Anything taking up BrainSpace. 
  • We work together to delete and automate as much as possible. 
  • We'll create a plan for all of the tasks that are left. 


After that, you can hire us right away to start implementing, or wait a while. It's up to you. Leverage is on-demand help whenever (and as many times) you need it.



  • A month's worth of strategy & implementation on your highest priority tasks.
  • A high-powered assistant at your fingertips when you need it most.
  • Custom monthly work plan based on your business & your priorities. One flat fee.
Before working with Hailey, it was all me! I had to do everything. Now I trust not only her ability to execute task as requested but also provide me with her strategy on how to improve and create. I feel confident that I finally have someone that can help me with thinking and completing. Idea to done! Sherhara D.

Master Trainer, LevelComm


Do I HAVE TO do the To-Do List Audit first?
Yes! The audit will set the stage for the success of working with us long term. It gives us a full picture into your work and commitments so we can help you think more strategically about how you use your resources. If after the audit, you decide to work with someone else or to do all of the high priority tasks yourself, you'll have everything you need already laid out! This is a no strings attached starting point. A win-win for both of us!
How is Leverage structured?
At the beginning of each package, we'll schedule out two calls for the month. These strategy sessions will a blend of coaching & reflection and tactical planning.

The goal is to end each call with very specific to-dos that my team and I will carry out over the following weeks. After that, the real fun begins, my team works on scheduling, ordering, building, sourcing- whatever needs to be done as a result of our call.

Who benefits the most from this?

This is truly transformative for six-figure creative freelancers. That's copywriters, designers, coaches, marketing consultants, you know, anyone who needs to be highly focused to deliver great results to clients AND who wants to drive to their ambitious dreams while also remaining available and generous with their time and energy.

When's a good time to use Leverage?

If you…

  • Want to do a better job wrangling all the tasks floating between your work and personal commitments…
  • Have a serious launch to manage and need support for a few weeks…
  • Are in a season of growth and can't afford to important details slip through the cracks…
  • Are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of your role and need someone to come along side you and help you get unburdened…

In short (or long since we're more than half way down this page), Leverage lets you harness the skills of a super talented support team, just for the time you need it.

Hailey, this sounds amazing. What kind of investment are we talking here?
Each package is a custom order. So pricing varies but the To-Do List Audit generally starts at $500 and Leverage begins at $1000 per package.

Our work is based on deliverables, not on the amount of hours we take to get there. So before any work begins, we will agree to timelines and what each and every outcome will be. That way you pay for exactly what you need, not how long it takes to get there.

Another note on packages, while the To-Do List Audit must be done the first time around working with us, Leverage can be purchased at any interval after that. Once a month, once every other month, once a quarter- whenever you have a hunk of work stopping you from hitting your next goal.

What We're great at doing

  • Managing client relationships (proposals, onboarding, invoicing, setting up internal systems & progressing projects).

  • Managing customer discovery/feedback processes.

  • Projects management (marketing, operations, customer insight projects, etc.).

  • Technical set up for your next product or launch.

  • Anything else that clears the way for your next big win.

Something you need not listed here? Let's talk about it. 

(I'll be straight with you, if I can help, I'll offer it. If I can't, I'll refer you to someone I trust.)