You have more aspirations & ideas than any one person can carry.

You can either:


A) Let some of your goals fall by the wayside and leave some of your dreams for ‘next year'…




B) Team up with someone who can ask tough questions, create a plan of action and then execute. Introducing…




Strategy meets high caliber action


What is Leverage? 

Leverage is 4 weeks of well scoped personal assistant services designed to remove your biggest sources of administrative overwhelm.

We follow our proven framework to get you to your goals by:


1. Asking tough questions.

We don't know a single leader who doesn't benefit from having a fresh perspective on the challenges they face & the work that they do. It's even more beneficial to have someone ask the tough questions that lead to breakthrough and clarity. No tough decisions. No growth.


2. Creating a very clear plan of action.

With so many ideas vying for your attention, we often see leaders with a plan piecemealed together from a variety of directions. Without saying ‘no' to enough things or being as clear as possible, leaders often don't have the steam to hit the goals they were targeting in the first place.


3. Implementing the plan.

You don't have the time to complete every little detail involved in pushing the goal to completion and frankly, it's not a good use of your time. That's where we come in. Our team does the work to help you follow through on all the stuff that comes out of a good planning session.



How is this structured? 

When we begin, we'll schedule out two 1-hour calls for the month. These strategy sessions will be 80% strategy & coaching and 20% tactical. But the goal will always end with several very specific tasks to carry out over the next few days.

Then the real fun begins, my team works on scheduling, starting, finishing, ordering, asking – whatever needs to be done as a result of our call.

We handle all the details and you focus on kicking butt with a new sense of clarity and purpose.


Who benefits the most from this?

This is truly transformative for the leader that really wants to do their job well. The person who wants to drive to their ambitious dreams while also remaining available and generous with their time and energy.


This totally might be a good fit if you…

  • Want to do a better job wrangling all the tasks floating between your work and personal commitments. 

  • Have a serious organizational challenge to manage and need support managing meetings and communication for a few weeks…

  • Are part of an important technical overhaul and can't afford to let anything slip through the cracks…

  • Are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of your role and need someone to come along side you and help you make sense of it all…

In short (or long since we're more than half way down this page), Leverage lets you harness the skills of a super talented support team, just for the time you need it. If you need that, then scroll to the bottom and hit, “Let's Get Started”! 

Who are our favorite clients?: 

-“Do fewer things better” is a notion you can get behind.
-You care about people (inside and outside of your business). A lot.
-It matters to you that you show up well.
-Sleep, exercise and time “offline” are things you strive to have more of in your life.
-You like working hard, you're curious, and you love to learn and read.


And just to make sure this doesn't read  like a job description for some hipster startup (should we add, “sense of humor required?”):

-You are a thought leader in your field.
-You are responsible for organization level vision or strategy.
-You have a multifaceted life that could use order and organizations.
-You are prepared to work in a two-way partnership.
-You Are prepared to financially invest in solving your workflow, administrative, and organization challenges.

Hailey- I enjoyed our last talk about VRG as well, and so excited to be working you on planning and creating a clear opportunity! You make it easy to follow your lead and I'm on board for you to lead VRG into success! Hollie L.

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