Brainspace Optimized is a dynamic internal projects team for small tech companies. Our mission (and we definitely choose to accept it) is to seek and destroy the highest priorities on your to-do list. We are extended brain space for tech leaders.


This might be a great fit if…

  • You need a mix of strategy & task execution

  • You need help prioritizing opportunities and tasks

  • You're on your way to your next successful outcome, you need help closing the gap

Ever notice how Alfred is always one step ahead of Batman? He’s constantly prepared with whatever weapon, tool or support that Batman needs to fight his next battle. 

You may not have ever had your own manservant, but I bet you can imagine how satisfying it is to simply work on kicking ass projects while someone else manages the all the details before, after, and during.

When we work with our clients, it's as the “Alfred” to their “Batman”. The “mission” is your daily life! You take the lead on your goals and plans, and we manage the details.

Easily plug us into your org and we’ll help find & complete the most impactful projects.

Roll into 2019 fully focused on your unique mission, doing the things that only you can. We’ll handle the rest.