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6 Months of 1 on 1 Coaching + a 3 Day In-Person Retreat = Results. 

If you are the CEO of your business and have an idea of what you want your life to look like a year from now, but struggle with how to make that happen, I’m your girl.

Ultimately, my goal is to help my clients get very clear on their “One-Year-From-Now” vision and make lots of progress towards it. I specifically coach my clients through:

  •  [Leadership Development] – Growing as the CEO of their business.

  • [People Management] – Hiring, firing and managing the folks you work with.

  • [Operations + Project Management] – How you & your team achieve the vision you’ve set.

So let’s get practical. What does that enable you to do in real life?

  • Choosing a direction for your offerings instead of bouncing back and forth between options and getting nowhere.

  • Feeling confident enough to say “No” and organize your life in a way that works for you.

  • Tactfully have the hard conversations that can free you from unhealthy or unhelpful relationships with vendors, contractors, and clients.

  • Change destructive workaholic behaviors that work for “right now” but you know can’t go on forever.

  • Gracefully transition your niche or offerings to something that actually excites you!

Go from “struggling to find time to work on my ideas” to knowing EXACTLY which tasks to prioritize and guiding your team to implement.

Get a better understanding of yourself in this stage of business – see what is needed and make a ‘real life-ready’ plan to get there.

Gain the (wo)manpower you need to translate your ideas into a working plan. You get the benefits of a kick-ass coach who’s excellent at visioning.

Feel like the boss you are – no more going from task to task each day. You have a plan that keeps the most important things first. 

Have some freaking fun! When was the last time you left your home office and put yourself in a position to be inspired and creative?

It’s time to get what you want. You started this thing so that you could play by your own rules. It’s time to dig deeper to get more of what you want.

It doesn’t actually matter what methodology you use for your sales/marketing/operations/etc. I am a masters at translating ideas to plans and implementation. I never try to force clients into something that doesn’t work for them. This is totally custom coaching based off of your working style, your needs, and where you’re going.

I’m Hailey.

And I’ve spent the last few years helping established business leaders go from ‘bogged down’ to ‘executing effectively’. 

I used to serve clients as a project & operations manager – but I repeatedly saw the need for two things – more white space for reflecting, planning and visioning and the need for smart, thoughtful and non-BS feedback from a ‘lieutenant’ (someone who knows their business and can tell it to them straight). 

The established online business owners I’ve worked with absolutely thrive when they incorporate these things regularly – which is why I became a coach. 

It’s high-octane support from a kick-ass business coach who knows exactly where you are and where you’re going. 

“The worktreat was awesome! We covered a lot of ground but still were able to get details down into a project plan and delegated to my team.

In 3 days we outlined a new service offering, work-shopped an app idea, got me caught up on 100 outstanding emails, and had enough time for some good meals and rest.

Hiring Hailey is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.”

Heather O.

Saas Coach & UX Designer

Your next level of success is closer than you think.

working with me 1 on 1 is right for you if:

  • If you are ready to launch a new idea but need focus to bring it to market….

  • If you’ve been waiting until you have some “downtime” to think more deeply about the next stage but it somehow never comes… 
  • If you need to change your team dynamics but aren’t sure where to start.

  • If you have a few high-priority projects that you’re ready to tackle but you’re not sure how.

What’s included in working with me?

Our work together will span 6 months and will include weekly coaching calls and an in-person experience, a Worktreat! 

Before the Worktreat we’ll be focusing on clarifying your vision and fully committing to it. We’ll also have several tactical conversation to nail down details and prepare for our time together. After the Worktreat, we’ll put our energy into troubleshooting the continued execution of your work.

During the retreat, we include everything you need to be successful. That means flights to and from the retreat, food and snacks, lodging, and access to a kick-ass project team (that’s us!). All of this happens at our HQ in beautiful Normal, Illinois. 

Before working with Hailey…I felt overwhelmed and nearing burnout. The important things just didn’t get done. But with Hailey’s help my to-do list is becoming smaller. 

Hailey offered proof to her claims of capability by simply showing me what she could do and offer.  And now, I feel confident that I finally have someone that can help me. Idea to done!
Sherhara D.

Master Trainer, LevelComm

One year from now, you could be exactly where you are now…hoping you’ll get to your next vision summit “some time soon”.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the reality is simple. If you don’t figure out a way to make room for high priority thinking (through coaching or some other way), you will never reach your next level of success. You have to make space for CEO-time if you want that next level – whatever it looks like to you! If you don’t, your vision is more of a dream than anything else.

You won’t be known to all the clients who need your help. 

You’ll be at the same revenue you are now.

You’ll miss out  on exploring new opportunities which could be lucrative and fun.

I truly believe that working with a coach (especially one with my background) is the fastest cheapest way to actually achieve the vision you hold for yourself.

You could decide to figure it out on your own or…schedule a  Worktreat give yourself the shot of energy you need.

The breakdown:

  • 6 months of  personalized 1-on-1 coaching + support.

  • Priority access to your coach (that’s me!) via email and instant messaging for impromptu troubleshooting and questions.

  • An all inclusive working retreat: lodging, food, and fun for 3 days.

  • 2 facilitators/project team members on-site with you during the Worktreat. 
  • My well-tested formula for lasting transformation.


Q: What kind of outcomes can I expect?
A: The outcomes vary based on the goals of the client, but typically they are typically related to hiring or editing your team, ending unhelpful working relationships, hitting new revenue goals, crating new offerings or streamlining processes to save time and money. (So think sales, marketing, and executive projects).
Q: Who am I working with?
A: My name is Hailey (I’m your coach!) and my Worktreat facilitator is named Melanie. Together, we’ve been in online business for 10 years. We are experts at translating vision into actionable plans. We also have the chops to implement them! Between us, we have skills in personal transformation, marketing, operations management, product development, tech management, and content production. We can’t wait to bring our skills together with your vision!
Q: Is transportation included?
A: Transportation to, from, and throughout Normal, IL is included. This means that besides getting yourself to your nearest airport on time, you don’t have to worry about anything! 
Q: Can I do coaching OR the Worktreat separately?
Yes! With either option, here’s what you’re getting: 

You get my support and expertise (that means 4+ years of research, conversations, coaching, project management expertise and obsession with visioning and planning) any time you want over 6 months. We’re talking lots of thought and work on your business and life directly.

If you choose to do the worktreat – I can 100% promise that it will be the FAVORITE thing you did for your business this year.

You get vital insight, a shift in your thinking, quite possibly the most engaging experience you’ve ever had with a coach, new ideas and most importantly, you will walk away having achieved a massive amount of progress and know exactly what to do and how to get it done moving forward.

Q: How soon can I schedule my Worktreat?

A: We need at least 3 weeks to prepare for a Worktreat, so that’s the earliest after beginning working with me that you can schedule it!

Q: I have a V.A./Assistant/other team members. How do they fit into the equation?
A: =Coaching is a power-up for YOU, the business owner. The Worktreat is an add-on or power-up to for your business. This means that we might need to virtually pull in your V.A. or another team resource during the Worktreat, but that will be discussed ahead of time.
Hailey helped me take the universe of possibilities that was overwhelming me, and break it down to something actionable and real that I can move forward with.

I am feeling more confident now that the consulting business I desire is attainable and I can finally achieve the success I have been dreaming about.

Elizabeth S.

Project Management Consultant

Still not sure if this is for you? Let’s talk about it.

(I’ll be straight with you, if I can help, I’ll offer it. If I can’t, I’ll refer you to someone I trust.)