tHe next ninety

Where do you want to be 90 days from now?

If you’re like many business owners I know, there’s a goal or a project that’s calling your name. It’s vital to the growth of your business and your sense of accomplishment as an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately… if something doesn’t change, ninety days from now, that project will still be calling your name. Without a plan, careful implementation, and a measured approach to experimentation, you’ll be right where you are right now.

Now, don’t get me wrong: taking on any new project is a risk, an experiment. 

But it’s also a huge opportunity to discover a new opportunity or reach your goal. 

Together, we can create the plan that turns risk into reward and experimentation into vital learning.

(Not to mention… you can take that project from started to finished.)

The Next Ninety is my project management & coaching package for small business owners with a specific goal in mind.

It’s a custom approach to executing your project within a realistic and shame-free framework, delivered in bi-weekly strategy calls and unlimited email support.

At the end of 90 days you will have…

    • Accomplished the goal(s) you set with sanity intact.

    • Found a rhythm for big-picture project execution amidst daily tasks.

    • Feel comfortable editing & prioritizing competing commitments on your own.

    • Feel more confident in your ability to process stress and overwhelm.

If you’re ready to take the next ninety days and see massive forward progress toward your goals, I want to hear about your project!

Before working with Hailey…I felt overwhelmed and nearing burnout. The important things just didn't get done. But with Hailey's help my to-do list is becoming smaller. 

Hailey offered proof to her claims of capability by simply showing me what she could do and offer.  And now, I feel confident that I finally have someone that can help me. Idea to done!
Sherhara D.

Master Trainer, LevelComm

What we'll do together


-Create a clear vision for your business 90 days from now. 

-Figure out how much space you have to implement.   

-Create a project plan tied back to your vision.

-Keep focus through accountability (with our calls).

-Deal with the junk that comes up to thwart your plan (internal & external).

My promise

  • Practical feedback & accountability for implementing only the changes that make the most sense.

  • A safe and neutral ‘sandbox' to think out loud and get messy figuring it out.

  • An effective way to work through your challenges that holds you accountable to yourself and the changes you want to make.  

Hailey helped me take the universe of possibilities that was overwhelming me, and break it down to something actionable and real that I can move forward with.

I am feeling more confident now that the consulting business I desire is attainable and I can finally achieve the success I have been dreaming about.

Elizabeth S.

Project Management Consultant


Still not sure if this is for you? Let's talk about it. 


(I'll be straight with you, if I can help, I'll offer it. If I can't, I'll refer you to someone I trust.)