One Year From Now:

The Residency

January – December 2022

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You ever wonder why doctors go through a residency program?

I mean, they’ve already been through many years of school and practical application… What else is there to learn?

The point of a residency is to give them the space and support necessary to acclimate to their settings & responsibilities as a professional.

The residency is where they grow the maturity and specificity that become the hallmarks of their career.

Similarly, the One Year from Now Residency is the foundational training ground for your career as a First-Generation Entrepreneur.

At this point in your journey, you already know how to make money. You’ve nailed down some business basics and you feel good about the results you create with and for your clients.

Now you’re expanding and stretching beyond the necessities and into the previously unimaginable. It’s time to expand into leaving your legacy.

One Year from Now:

The Residency

puts you in the position to make your wildest dreams come true. You know, the ones you don’t tell anyone about? The ones that seem silly or scary to say out loud?

Goals of this Residency:

Double your primary business with at least 50% profitability

Get specific about & start actioning on your Legacy List

Create a wealth-building plan fit for your life as an entrepreneur

Gain the confidence and self-trust to make deals and live the life of a multi-six figure earner & entrepreneur.

The Details:


This is a 12-month program. We start January 2022 and run through early December 2022.

There will be no more than twenty of the most powerful of my clients in this group.

There are weekly coaching & training calls.

And a community hosted in Slack.

There is a mid-residency live event in June (luxury camping trip at Camp Aramoni, Chicago)

There will also be surprises, rich experiences and lots of fun.

The investment is $20,000. There is a 2-pay option. Total remittance due December 31st, 2021.

Who’s the Best Fit for this?

  • You’ve created at least $50,000 TTM (or more) before we begin in January.
  • You see business as a form of legacy-building, ie; you desire to build businesses & projects that are both profitable and impactful, in the next few years.
  • Your 2022 goals line up with the goals of The Residency.
  • You ready to learn, but have insight and skills you can add to the group to help others grow as well.
  • You’re not looking for the “secret sauce” to growing a business, but rather see yourself as a powerful creator – the job of Hailey and the group is to support YOU in your ascend.

Early Bird Bonus:


The first 5 registrants will get an additional VIP Day at Camp Aramoni with Hailey in Chicago the day before June’s live event. This will include lunch, a private session and dinner (and of course, massages, treats and room for rest between in between).

We’re going to focus on growing your business proficiency and mental/emotional maturity so that you can build… well, whatever the hell you want for the rest of your life.



Securing your primary income source so it’s dependable and build for your thriving.


Learn to the skills to scale a project from $50k to $150k, over and over.


Learning how to plan an exit of a business asset, building a reliable team and replacing yourself.


Become a Beacon in your community, ie; the CEO of your whole life (an efficient decision maker with loads of clarity and self-trust) in a way that serves everyone in your life.


Learn to effectively distribute your time and energy across multiple projects, honoring your humanity.


Step fully into your identity as Entrepreneur (with a capital fucking E), not someone who’s playing at business.

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