#20: Opening Your Own Doors with Luz Donahue

Today, I'm chatting with Luz Donahue. Luz is an accomplished abstract painter and a really accomplished Facebook ads consultant. Two topics, which, on the face of things, seem to be at odds with each other. Today, Luz shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur and how she goes about nourishing both sides of her business: one that requires great analysis and one that requires great levels of creativity.

#19: Life, Business, & Working With Your Spouse – an Interview with Kent Mast

Today, we're doing something a little different. We don't have an episode for you per se, but we do have an interview to share.  Kent Mast, and his wife, Ashleigh, are the filmmaker duo behind K&A Films. Kent's desire to share unique and beautiful stories started...

#18: What To Do When You've Overcommitted

So… you've overcommitted. How can you tell? What can you do about it? Here's how to tell when you've overcommitted and what to do about it. Also, we're taking a break for July but we'll be back in August!

#17: How to Deliver a Presentation You're Proud of with Lanie Presswood

Today, I'm chatting with Dr. Alane Presswood. Lanie is a professor, and the Director of Oral Communication, at Hollins University. Additionally, she's also a public speaking consultant to  entrepreneurs and online business owners. She takes us step by step on how to develop, research, and deliver a presentation that you can be really proud of. 

#16: Defeating Burnout with Hailey Thomas

We're changing things up this week! Today's episode is a very special one. Instead of the guest interviews, I'm sharing a TedX talk I gave earlier this year on defeating burnout.

BSO Podcast S2, E7 – Developing a Strong Brand Through Humor with Lianna Patch

Today, I'm chatting with the always hilarious, and very talented, conversion copywriter Lianna Patch. Lianna runs Punchline Copy where she helps her clients sell more stuff by infusing humor into their website copy, sales copy, and emails. She'll share how she came to develop such a strong brand and the business as it stands today. We also discuss how she managed six weeks of travel and speaking while keeping up with client work.

BSO Podcast S2, E6 – How Online Course Creation is a Lot Like Life with Janelle Allen

Today, I'm chatting with Janelle Allen of Zen Courses. We talk about Janelle's career transformation and how online course creation is a lot like life.

BSO Podcast S2, E5 – Finding Your True North in Business with Kyla Roma

Today, I'm chatting with Kyla Roma. We're talking about marketing that is simple, that you actually like, honoring the rhythms for your current season of life, and how all of this helps you in finding your true north in business. 

BSO Podcast S2, E4 – How to Have More of the Conversations You Love with Emma Siemasko

Today, I'm chatting with Emma Siemasko. We talk about the evolution of business, how to create offerings that let you do more of what you enjoy, and how to have more of the conversations you love. 

BSO Podcast S2, E3 – The Power in Leveraging Public Relations with Heather Hawkins

Today, I'm chatting with Heather Hawkins of Elevation Strategy about the power in leveraging public relations for your business.

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