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#30: The Main Thing I Want You to Know

Today, we're doing something a little different. I don't have an episode for you per se, but I do have a note I wanted to share! This was shared with my list a few months ago right when I was making...

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#25: Fear, Risk, & Reward with Stephanie Stiavetti

Today's guest has spent the last three years purposefully experimenting with risk and reward in her business. Stephanie Stiavetti is an online cooking teacher on a mission to change the relationship that her students have with cooking. She helps them to go from hopeless and fearful to confident kitchen ninjas.

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#24: Experimenting with Intention with Luisa Zhou

This week we're chatting with business coach, Luisa Zhou. Luisa has an incredible coaching business built on the idea of helping everyone become a little bit more entrepreneurial. Whether it be by transitioning out of your corporate job and starting your own business, or staying in your 9-5 and creating a course to help you share your expertise, she has got you covered.

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#20: Opening Your Own Doors with Luz Donahue

Today, I'm chatting with Luz Donahue. Luz is an accomplished abstract painter and a really accomplished Facebook ads consultant. Two topics, which, on the face of things, seem to be at odds with each other. Today, Luz shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur and how she goes about nourishing both sides of her business: one that requires great analysis and one that requires great levels of creativity.

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