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BSO Podcast S1, E4 – Advice for Crafting a Successful Freelance Career with Kaleigh Moore

Today, we're chatting with copywriter and podcast host, Kaleigh Moore about key advice for crafting a successful freelance career.

BSO Podcast S1, E3: Why Creating a Reflection Habit Makes You a More Effective Leader with Jeannie Sullivan

Today, we’re chatting with learning strategist and business coach, Jeannie Sullivan. Jeannie’s specialty is helping businesses open themselves up to future possibilities, and one of the many weapons in her arsenal includes reflection. In this episode we talk with...

BSO Podcast S1, E2: Restructuring the Way We Think About Stress with Gloria Chan

Today, we're talking with Gloria Chan. She's the co-founder of Recalibrate Studios. Gloria and her team are on a mission to restructure the way we think about stress and the tools we use to fight it. There are so many goodies we learn in this episode from how stress affects us physically to what it does to our decision-making ability. Gloria has some really thoughtful and practical ways of helping us correctly frame and recover from stress.

BSO Podcast S1, E1: How Nurturing Team Relationships Sets Leaders Apart with Liesbeth Geels

Today, we are talking with Liesbeth Geels. She is the VP of Manufacturing at one of the world's largest coffee retailers. Liesbeth shares some amazing insights on how leaders can gain big wins simply by developing relationships with their admins. We talk about where she sees leaders have amazing breakthroughs through their work with their support staff, a few pitfalls that keep both sides from being successful, and why, at the end of the day, the leaders who win are the best at nurturing team relationships. 

The BrainSpace Optimized Podcast, Episode 0

          Welcome to the BrainSpace Optimized Podcast!   This is where leaders get the insight and inspiration they need to be the best versions of themselves. If you’re a leader who’s determined to be more accomplished, generous, and available to the people and...