What do you want your online business to look like one year from now?

Host, Hailey Thomas, gets the answer and more from a variety of online entrepreneurs – the exciting, the scary and everything in between.

Be a fly on the wall for candid conversations + mini-lessons from those in the trenches. We’re on a mission to normalize (and laugh about) the behind-the-scenes truth that comes with acting towards a new vision for your life and business. 

Welcome to The One Year From Now Podcast.


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Tiny Transformation: The “One Year From Now” Vision


Questions to ask yourself: 


  1. When you think of your work and your life, what do you envision for yourself one year from now? 
  2. What is your work like?
  3. What are your clients like?
  4. How do you spend your day?
  5. What's something you're really proud you've accomplished?
  6. What else do you see?
  7. What are your work and life like today? 
  8. What is the gap between what you are experiencing today and one year from now?
  9. What are you doing about it? 
  10. Are you actively working on these things today?




The One Year From NowVision


Why the focus on one year from now?


The “one year from now” vision hinges on this underlying understanding that, even if you haven't thought of it this way before, we are always creating and becoming new versions of ourselves.


Visioning is typically talked about at a 3, 5, or even 10-year mark. But when I speak with my clients, I realize there isn't an exact template for what work looks like for the average online business owner. The one year from now vision is a bulls-eye to help direct change and evolution for all your decision making. 


One year is enough time to feel like there is flexibility in the decisions you have to make, but it's close enough to “now” to feel actionable, which is the piece everyone wants to know about. 


The focus is on who you will become, not who are you are now and what you're doing incorrectly. We examine your vision and see who that “you” is who has achieved this one year from now vision. 



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