Who do we classify as a tech leader?

To us, a tech leader is anyone who's doing these three things in a technical role or in a tech-focused organization (the business is built upon SAAS, building applications, selling software, etc.):

  1.  They are responsible for organizational level vision and strategy. This person is a part of the leadership team and has a say into what happens next for the business. 
  2. They have direct reports/team. This person is responsible for the day to day success of another group of people.
  3. They are responsible for individual contribution. They have code to deliver, partnership quotas to meet, etc. The idea here is that they are accountable for regular delivery of something that they themselves create. 

what do tech leaders gain by investing in a VA?

Great question! There are five critical roles someone in this role should be playing- all of which equals large payouts for leaders: 

  1. Protector of your time. There is always an on-going battle between the need to communicate out regularly, and the need of dedicated “focus
    time” to deliver. A good partner will help you look at your commitments and help you decide on the best use of your time.
  2. Facilitator. While your (and your team's) job is the “how” of making things happen,  we can assist you in making sure tasks are starting (and being completed) in a timely manner.
  3. Flood Gate. Leaders regularly get offers to share their knowledge on a plethora of projects. And because of your innate passion for building awesome things and your dedication to your organization, it's easy to say “yes” to too many things. Part of the job is to help you evaluate each offer and its demands on your energy and focus.
  4. Troubleshooter. Through reflection, we can help you identify and troubleshoot the things that threaten your teams' success (cynicism, unrealistic scheduling, etc.)
  5. Mirror. One of the hardest things to do is take objective personal inventory. Part of the job is helping you reflect on the things
    you've set out to accomplish and measure your progress on them.

who makes up the bso team?

The BrainSpace Optimized team is comprised of Hailey Thomas (PM, EA), Karen Moore (PM). Ocassionaly, we get help from one other person for larger projects, but you'll be working directly with Hailey or Karen for every project. 

How is Brainspace Optimized different from other VA services?

Everyone on our team has worked in technology-driven organizations and have supported engineering or development teams (some being developers themselves!). So we understand the type of work that goes on in your sphere. Furthermore, we spend our free time studying successful leadership, so we're well equipped to partner with you as a tech leader. (As tech leaders rise in rank, they accumulate responsibilities. More people to supervise, more strategies to plan and an inbox that won't stop growing. It requires growth as a leader for sure!)

Engineers know load limits; programmers know bandwidth. We know brainspace and we optimize it by acting as your ”other

We are personalized project management executive assistant services, for tech leaders.

how will I be invoiced?

Invoicing happens monthly and will include the cost of the monthly fee we've agreed on (based on the project and the number of our team involved). Payment can be made via ACH or credit card.

Who are some of your clients?

In the past year, our client list has included:

  • The CEO of a 50 person company with offices in San Francisco and Chicago
  • A CTO of an e-learning organization 
  • The Director of Engineering of a 16 person team
  • One nationally recognized consultant
  • And two tech-based start-up founders. 
How do i know that my business and personal details will be safe?

Part of our onboarding process requires our team to sign an NDA, so everything about you and your business is protected by contract. Additionally, any highly sensitive information like account log-ins or credit card numbers are shared only via LastPass, a digital vault. 

is there anything you gals won't do?

Besides anything illegal or unethical, there's not a whole lot we can't do from afar. That being said, we are not experts in accounting, bookkeeping, law, or any other matter someone would need to go to a special school to learn. But don't worry, we'll make sure we can deliver before we even get started. (Pssst- you can fill out this form and start that process now if you'd like)