Hi there, I'm Hailey.

I have spent my career (and most of my education years) working out the best ways to listen, lead, organize, and encourage people.

Officially, I have a degree in organizational communication and leadership from Illinois State University.

Unofficially, I have used my time as a top-level athlete and then recruiter for a multi-million dollar consulting firm as a way to exercise my communication skills. I have spent the past five years in a variety of roles (professional and volunteer) helping improve people-related processes within organizations so that they can continue to grow- and I've loved all of it!

BS, Communication Studies, Organizational and Leadership Track

Illinois State University

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6 Fast Facts about Hailey
  1. I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile. I have an affinity for well-written fiction and have ALL OF THE recommendations. Ask me!
  2. Weightlifting=my happy place. I like to throw heavy stuff around. Seriously, my favorite parts of the week are spent in the gym.
  3. I'm competitive to an unhealthy degree. Board games, bowling, eating (jk- but really though), I like to win. 🙂
  4. If I could start over, I would be a comedy writer. I love the challenge of trying to come up with stuff that makes people laugh.
  5. My superpowers are asking great questions, gift-giving, and hospitality. Basically just making people feel awesome.
  6. I operate as a minimalist. I have like 8 shirts (not kidding), and am constantly purging things from our house (much to my husband's chagrin).
What I'm thinking about you...

My guess is that you're here because you need help but are unsure about how that needs to look. (or you're just bored on a Friday night– what the heck do I know?)

Either way, glad you stopped by. Right now I'm hoping you've taken the time to read through everything, and if you decide to work with me I'm pumped. I know you're the type of person that has a TON to offer your immediate sphere of influence and that you have big plans to impact the world.  I'm all in on helping you get there.