This week, I share 10 facets of the Career Entrepreneur self-concept and invite listeners to try on these thoughts for themselves. Similar to a previously discussed self-concept of Battle Queen, a Career Entrepreneur is someone who is probably never going to be a W2 employee ever again in their careers and is actively choosing to build a life as an entrepreneur. 

In this episode, I cover:

  • A thorough definition of what a Career Entrepreneur is
  • 10 facets of the Career Entrepreneur self-concept
  • My personal experience applying these thoughts to my own career
  • Previous self-concepts discussed on One Year from Now
  • Applications for the next cohort of The Residency
  • Career Entrepreneurs (CEs) choose this life on purpose and make decisions with purpose 

In my definition of Career Entrepreneurship, I always keep in mind that entrepreneurship is a choice. While the beginning of my journey may have felt like a necessity, every step I take now is made with purpose and consideration. 

“We’re living on purpose. Our decisions are on purpose. We are choosing career entrepreneurship on purpose.” 

  • CEs insist on what is not yet

Our brain loves to keep things in line with what we know. However, entrepreneurship requires understanding what is not yet in existence and knowing when to take the risk to make those things happen for yourself and for your business.

“You have to actively hold onto that, you have to insist on what is not reality yet in order to make it.”

  • Small business owner is just *one* of the titles a CE carries

While there are many amazing things involved with small business ownership, Career Entrepreneurs have no interest in defining themselves to only one role. Instead, they carry many titles and embrace many challenges throughout their careers. 

“I don’t have anything against the title of small business owner, except that I think it’s too small and different from an entrepreneur, even though a small business owner is an entrepreneur.”

  • CEs are also deal makers, investors, asset collectors, creators and more

In the same vein of point 3, Career Entrepreneurs understand the many roles they can embrace throughout their journey and aren’t afraid to take the steps needed to embrace new titles and new investments. 

“I think the entrepreneur pulls back from thinking about themselves as a small business owner, but instead as a person that creates assets or tells a story through entrepreneurship.”

  • A CE focuses on strategically using their resources across all of their assets

So often, early entrepreneurs or those who begin entrepreneurship out of necessity stretch themselves too thin and don’t strategize. In comparison, a Career Entrepreneur strategizes and arranges resources according to their needs and goals. 

“The goal is to decide on strategies that honor your physical makeup and honor the skills that you are best at. That’s the game of Career Entrepreneurship.”

  • CEs are driven predominately by curiosity

Instead of being driven by fear or necessity as many business owners may be, Career Entrepreneurs are driven by curiosity. They want to solve problems, create new products, and improve the systems around them through investigation and creativity. 

“So many business software services are built because someone couldn’t find the thing that they needed. Many founders are their own first client.”

  • CEs understand that cash flows in and out of their businesses

Micromanaging finances is often emphasized as a “responsible” part of business, but Career Entrepreneurs understand that cash will fluctuate and flow throughout their careers. Instead of insisting on set amounts, they know that being flexible and going with the flow is beneficial. 

“Because cash flows, it is constantly moving both in and out of your business, and that’s not a bad thing. It may feel scary at first, but it’s not a bad thing.”

  • CEs believe that debt is a tool and like other metrics, is neutral

The same with cash flow, Career Entrepreneurs accept that debt is a part of their everyday lives. There’s nothing bad about cash flowing in and out, and there is nothing at all wrong with acquiring debt when embarking on projects. 

“Debt is just cash that you pay for ahead of time that just buys you money.”

  • CEs take their time and aren’t in a rush

Similar to being able to be curious, Career Entrepreneurs know when to take their time. There’s no need to rush into decisions or commit to something out of fear. They are making purposeful choices and can take their time with each decision.

“When you know you’re going to be playing this game for the rest of your life and that you have time to make decisions, it really changes the pace.”

  • Self-trust is an important tool for CEs

All of these factors have one important element in common: self-trust. From taking their time to understanding money and assets, Career Entrepreneurs understand themselves and trust their intuition. They know when to push for curiosity and risk, but they also know when to ask for help or take a step back. 

“They know how to read themselves and their bodies, it’s the difference between intuition and a trauma response.”



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