I’m joined by Megan Baker, CEO and Founder of MegKCo, to cover the essentials of your first permanent hire and what that looks like from a perspective of diversity and equity. MegKCo’s specialty is helping socially conscious online business owners during every step of the hiring process and Megan takes her time to walk through those steps with me so my listeners can better understand how to navigate the difficult journey of small business hiring. 

In this episode, Megan and I cover:

  • Being a socially conscious business owner in hiring
  • Accountability and transparency in a company’s culture
  • Managing your nervous system during uncomfortable conversations in hiring
  • Hiring as a long term project
  • One Year from Now Vision for MegKCo

Determining your first hire

The first hire of your small business can feel extremely daunting to even consider, but when the time is right, the decision on what you hire for and who you hire needs to be made. Creating a position that makes sense for your business has to be a balance between your needs and wants— and remember that there will be a lot of work ahead of hiring in order to eventually take work off of your plate when those hires have been onboarded. 

“People think that the first thing they need to outsource is social media and marketing and it’s usually not that, it’s normally operational.”

Creating an attractive position and compensation 

It’s not unusual to get caught up in the logistics of payment and benefits when making the first additions to your team. However, Megan reminds her clients that no one has hiring mastered when they’re just starting to add to your team. What you may not be able to guarantee when first hiring can always be added into someone’s position later. Benefits can come in many forms, and it’s important to offer and expect negotiation on certain aspects of a position. 

“I think it’s cool seeing candidates negotiate, it shows a lot about their initiative…and we have to be ready for it.”

Making your first permanent hire

A large portion of Megan’s work is dedicated to providing an equitable and socially conscious perspective to business owners who may not realize their implicit biases. All of us operate in a society that has thrived for centuries with racist and sexist processes in place— and many of us hurt our potential hires by overlooking them by accident, just because our brain will so often choose someone that looks like us or like who we imagined our ideal hire would be. 

“You’re still going to have to do some things in your business, you can’t hire the whole team right now.”

Continuing on when the process isn’t working

In the age of the “great resignation”, there’s more than a few business owners concerned about hiring and replacing previous employees. Many of us deal with a lot of ups and downs with permanent hires, especially during present times when career longevity looks different than it did just a few years ago. It’s important to keep up-to-date and vigilant about having a solid hiring process and seeing the applicants that might not stand out first to you.

“What we can’t control is human nature…but what we can control is the recruiting process.”



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