What if, instead of planning what we want 5 or 10 years down the line, we focus on what we want one year from now? This is the question that entrepreneur Hailey Thomas has built her system of business coaching around. This week, Hailey interviews Natalie Keifer, CEO and Client Manager of Savvy Sisters Solutions, about finding confidence to be an assertive leader of her digital marketing agency. 


From Virtual Assistant to Agency Owner ft. Natalie Keifer  

Saving your business from yourself 

When Natalie made the decision to begin coaching, her business was doing quite well. She had new clients and new collaborations and everything seemed to be going exactly as it should. But Natalie felt genuinely overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities on her plate. Transitioning from a virtual assistant to a business owner was proving to be difficult, and reaching out to Hailey ended up being a lifeboat for Natalie, both personally and professionally.  

“It was like my business was running me, instead of me running the business.” 

Setting time for work and play 

One of Natalie’s goals from the start of her coaching journey was to limit her working hours and to embrace being her own boss. After making the decision to open her own digital marketing agency with her sister and sister-in-law, Natalie found herself struggling to set boundaries on what her real work hours should be. With Hailey’s help, she’s been able to find that balance between doing good work and living a good life.  

“I just wanted to be able to have that life where work was not it for me. It just wasn’t all about work, I could see my family and friends.” 

Saying things directly 

As someone always striving to help others, Natalie felt that she had to be overly nice and polite all the time. Through behaving this way, Natalie spread herself too thin and became burdened with filler words and fluff. Now, she knows that a real boss keeps things direct and informative, without losing confidence or feeling like the bad guy. She keeps her communications brief and confident, generating genuine respect from everyone she works with.  

“I don’t have to add in all of this fluff or filler words to seem nicer or to be polite, because nobody really cares. They just want to know what you have to say or what the process is.” 

 Searching for the real you 

 When we think about coaching, we tend to focus heavily on the business side. Profits, clients, and products are all incredibly important, but the personal aspect of what Hailey does often leads to something so much more than just a business plan. Being the boss involves coming into your own and running a business involves finding your own voice. Natalie’s found the most success in business coaching in building herself up to be who she wants to be, both in the workplace and at home.  

“Coaching, while the purpose is to help your business and to help you meet those goals, it really helps you all-around become the person you want to be.” 


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