What if you could be the future you right now? This week is all about forming that connection to your future self and asking that question of your current self. On One Year From Now and in numerous coaching environments I participate in, we talk about our future self a lot, but I want to help you bring your future self closer and closer to present day you with thoughtful practice. 

Timecoded Guide:

In this episode, I cover:

  • [1:12] Making the connection with who you want to be
  • [2:53] Building the bridge or sewing the thread between current and future
  • [3:58] Seeing my personal future self in my present life
  • [7:47] Understanding that you’re the same person, no matter the timeline
  • [8:48] Practicing for future goals with current actions

Introducing future you to current you

My clients and I discuss their futures all the time, whether it’s one year from now or even longer. There’s a creativity and curiosity that goes into these exercises, and it can be eye-opening work to define what you want for your future self. However, there’s a second side to this work: meeting the future you and making that connection. The transition isn’t a magical one, it’s created through practice and asking where those connections already exist.

“You have to show yourself that you already are future you, you just are working on the thoughts and the feelings and the behaviors that create the results that future you has.” 

Sewing together present and future

In a previous episode, I talked about how “some day” dreams are lies. For this episode, the same rings true for the idea that your future self is someone you will magically become. The truth is, you’re already her and she is already you. With the confidence to see your future self within your current self, you can create the results you’re seeking and reach the goals you want to meet without having to wait for some vague “some day”. 

“You’re the same person, but the work to become future you is to be the person that creates the results that you want in the future now. The more you can live in being future you now, the closer and closer and closer future you comes to you.”

“Not enough” is not you

It’s too easy to be your own worst critic, especially when we’re comparing our present reality to our future dreams. However, you cannot build anything strong in your future life without laying a proper foundation of experience now. Even if you’re starting small, avoid the trap of talking down to yourself and discounting your own work. There’s a lot to learn from where you’re at now, keep going and continue reminding yourself of how important your work is. 

“That’s not how that works. You can’t crap all over yourself and then ask yourself to perform [like your future self] in that way, right?” 



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