I’m joined by Doreen Korba, a life coach for entrepreneurs who centers her skills on helping women grow successful businesses on their own terms. Breaking down the concept of a “Quantum Leap” together, Doreen and I discuss the best conditions to experience a quantum leap in your own business, as well as reveal how these conditions have more to do with your inner world than your marketing strategy or your work schedule. 

Timecoded Guide:

In this episode, Doreen and I cover: 

  • [4:57] Understanding the difference between getting to work and hustling
  • [11:37] Noticing the breakdown before the breakthrough
  • [16:33] Managing business assets during the “slow” breakdown period
  • [20:13] Asking for help and support in this journey
  • [26:47] Supporting female entrepreneurs in this way through her coaching focus

Identify your whisper 

There’s a desire for change inside many entrepreneurs, but we cannot always identify it. Doreen calls this desire, this internal motivation to better yourself and your business, a “whisper,” because it is often almost too quiet to hear at first. However, ignoring your whisper only creates the potential for chaos, Doreen says, and you have to slow down in order to listen and discover where your potential for change lies. 

“It is a quiet whisper in the beginning, and it will sound something like, ‘This isn’t sustainable.’ You will feel in your business like you just don’t have any more hours, or you don’t have any more energy.”

Notice where you need to slow down and hold space

For some of us, there’s never going to be enough hours in the day. I’ve experienced this same feeling; it’s like no matter how much you simplify your schedule and optimize your work, you still feel exhausted or rushed. Doreen explains that a need to slow down is common for many entrepreneurs on the path to a quantum leap, and it is only through identifying where that slow down needs to happen (internally or externally) that your business can grow and thrive. 

“You’re looking at your calendar, you’re looking outside of you, and you see that there’s plenty of space, but your whisper is telling you, ‘You need space.’ What you need is space inside, and space inside is very different than space outside.”

Slow yourself down to speed up your business 

When you identify a need for change and for something to slow down, Doreen says that’s the ideal time to ask for help. The work Doreen does is individual and personal, focused on your timeframe and your goals for your business. Slowing down with you and teaching you her methods are Doreen’s goals, whereas your business goals will follow later and be met only when you’re able to craft the right conditions for a thriving business. 

“The reality is, when you are doing this work, you are not working in your business, but it’s actually the best thing you can do for your business. Like, it is the fuel for the business. The business doesn’t collapse, it actually grows.”

Find the key to your quantum leap

Doreen is proud to say she’s in the midst of her own quantum leap right now. Through restructuring her business away from the business coaching side and embracing quantum leap life coaching, she’s been able to answer her own whispers, slow herself down, and identify where she needs space. Her growth is not a coincidence, it is a quantum leap. Doreen’s one year from now vision is all about leaning into that leap. 

“What I learned by doing my own mastermind is that the piece I love the most is quantum leap magic. Come to me with your business strategy. We’re going to look under the hood. We’re going to slow down to speed up and you’re going to make more money than you would have ever imagined.”



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