Spend your time

With the people & projects that actually matter.

You are a powerhouse.

Literally. Your business and team (and family and friends) all count on you to keep things running.

And if that's the case, there's a good chance you have more than enough on your plate to keep you from being excellent at the stuff that matters the most.

Running from fire to fire is robbing you of your effectiveness and sapping the energy and presence you wanted to save for your family and friends.

You notice, and they do too.

Hi, I'm Hailey.

And I coach successful leaders on how to spend more time with on the people and projects they actually care about.


As a former project coordinator with a degree in Organizational & Leadership Communication, I work with my clients on:


-Interpersonal & leadership communication
-Project management
-Boundary resetting
-Personal systems

And together, my clients and I get some pretty stellar results. Less fire-fighting, fatigue and burnout and more:


  • Knowledge that whatever happens each week, you'll still make progress on your mission critical projects.

  • Energy to be your best with the people that matter the most (at home and at work!)

  • Reaching and exceeding outcomes you set for your business & self.

  • A powerful, autonomous team that supports the business in those efforts.

 All in the name of spending time with the people and projects that matter most. 

Hailey is brilliant… you get the most value if you engage her as true partner. Hire BSO and you won’t regret it.

David V.

EdTech Founder & CEO

How It Works

1. Discovery. We hop on the phone for 30 minutes and review your goals, what's currently on your plate, and your biggest challenges. I'll make some suggestions and we can see if working together is the way to go. 

2. Session #1. After you officially sign on as a client, we'll spend our first session getting very specific about what you're trying to accomplish, roadblocks we might face and what we can do to work around them.

3. Session #2-#6. Moving forward we'll meet regularly to make progress on our action plan and work through the real life challenges as they come up. You'll have access to me via our calls and email for the duration of your sessions.

Nice things people have said about me:

I have felt frustrated for several years. Hailey is an excellent listener and gave me several ideas for taking the first step to improve my situation. My biggest take away from our initial conversation was how to network and establish connections to hopefully move into a position better aligned for us.

Megan H., S.T.E.A.M. Advocate

Hailey- I enjoyed our last talk about VRG as well, and so excited to be working you on planning and creating a clear opportunity! You make it easy to follow your lead and I’m on board for you to lead VRG into success!

Hollie L., Real Estate Broker

Hailey helped me take the universe of possibilities that was overwhelming me, and break it down to something actionable and real that I can move forward with. I am feeling more confident now that the consulting business I desire is attainable and I can finally achieve the success I have been dreaming about.

Elizabeth S., Project Management Consultant

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