Hi, I'm Hailey.

And i help Online business owners execute on their “one-year-from-now” vision.

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Ahhh… The “One-Year-From-Now” Vision.

You know what I’m talking about…

The daydream about the clients you want to have, hitting that next big revenue number, and the team you want working with you to achieve it.

It’s the vision that gets you excited to wake up in the morning!

But the reality of executing towards your “one-year-from-now” Vision is something entirely different.

With new challenges, time constraints and larger vision, things are getting a little (or a lot) overwhelming.

  • You’ve created a plan for your vision but all the tasks seem grand and complicated, so you struggle to actually get around to doing them.
  • You’ve simultaneously set goals to spend more time with family AND launch “the new thing” with a friend but don’t change anything to make that feasible (you’ll ‘figure it out’, as they say).
  • You hired a VA to ‘take things off your plate’ it still feels like a TON of work to manage that relationship.
  • You’ve started to take action towards your vision but also feel compelled to commit to a several asks from peers and friends, effectively not giving you enough space or time to work on your priorities.

So what gives!?

OBVIOUSLY, you know how to be successful – you built a profitable business for goodness sake!!!

Might I make a suggestion?

This new vision and these new goals? They require you to be different (stretch further and bigger) than what you can imagine right now.


They require you to think differently and make different choices.

And to move into this new way of operating, you need an ally.

Someone who is powerful enough to help, and neutral enough to hold space without judgement.



Someone who is good at getting to the root cause of your challenges and helping you to switch up your thinking and action to get the results you want.

Hailey is brilliant… you get the most value if you engage her as true partner. Hire BSO and you won’t regret it.

David V.

EdTech Founder & CEO

What you need is both understanding and a plan of attack.

That is the rocket fuel to your next level.

And I can help you with both.

What my clients are saying:

I have felt frustrated for several years. Hailey is an excellent listener and gave me several ideas for taking the first step to improve my situation. My biggest take away from our initial conversation was how to network and establish connections to hopefully move into a position better aligned for us.

Megan H., S.T.E.A.M. Advocate

Hailey- I enjoyed our last talk about VRG as well, and so excited to be working you on planning and creating a clear opportunity! You make it easy to follow your lead and I’m on board for you to lead VRG into success!

Hollie L., Real Estate Broker

Hailey helped me take the universe of possibilities that was overwhelming me, and break it down to something actionable and real that I can move forward with. I am feeling more confident now that the consulting business I desire is attainable and I can finally achieve the success I have been dreaming about.

Elizabeth S., Project Management Consultant

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