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leaders Thrive

We are mission support for tech leaders & digital entrepreneurs.

My small team & I use our superpowers to push your initiatives forward.

You can think of us as the Alfred to your Batman. 

(Or the Pepper Potts to your Iron Man if you’re more of a Marvel guy).

What's your mission?

Whether the initiative is a personal objective or a company one, we are the ones you call when you need help bringing nebulous ideas into focus and implementing a plan. How, specifically? Good question. We manage company initiatives and personal breakthroughs as virtual project managers and virtual assistants.

Never worked with a Virtual team before?

No problem. We have a process for learning about what you need and crafting the right plan to support it. No need to have a list of “tasks” ready to hand over. We work best as partners to your success.
BSO people are brilliant so if it’s just administrative tasks you need to get done, you aren't getting as much value as if you engage them as true business partners. Hire BSO and you won't regret it. David V., EdTech Company

CEO & Founder